QZZ - The Newsletter of The Radio Society of Harrow


The first Club Newsletter was called QSO, and appears to have lapsed early in 1951. The next one to appear was started in 1967 to mark the 21st Anniversary year. It was now called "QZZ" and the new Editor was Russell G3JVM. "Why is the Club magazine called QZZ?" Ron Ray, the Secretary of the Club at the time, tells us that the Committee of the day were determined to launch a magazine which would be the 'Last word in Radio Club mags' and you can't get further in the Q code than Q double Z!

Since 1967, QZZ has been in and out of production several times and with various Editors but had an unbroken run from when the Club moved to the Harrow Arts Centre in 1978. From 1980 to 2000, it was edited by Chris G4AUF. From 2000, it was taken over by Linda, G7RJL. It ceased production once we had a website running.but we had always wanted to revive it.



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