In the UK we have three levels of licence - Foundation, Intermediate and Full. To get a Foundation licence, students must pass the Foundation exam. To get an Intermediate licence, a student needs to have passed the Foundation exam and then have taken the Intermediate exam. There are two routes to a full licence:

  1. Pass both the Foundation and Intermediate exams and then take the Full exam i.e. a total of three exams.
  2. The "Direct to Full" option (available from January 2023). This is a "fast track" route for students who are already competent in radio and electronics. Just one exam of 2½ hours.

Exams can be taken on line - either at home or at a registered exam centre (the Harrow Club facility is in Bushey, about one mile east of Watford town centre) or "on paper" at a registered centre. "Direct to Full" exams are only available on-line.

Practical assessments have been removed from all three levels so students, if they wish, can now study entirely at home.