Links to Other Sites of Interest

Here are some links to other sites that you might find interesting and useful:

Amateur Radio Europe

Amateur Radio Newsline

Amateur Radio News


ARRL Amateur Radio News

BrandMeister DMR News

Daily HF Predictions

Daily Sun activity etc.

Daniel Estévez


David PA7LIM

DMR For Dummies


Easy-100 satellite upconverter SIG

EI7GL....A diary of amateur radio activity

European Radio Amateurs' Organization

F5UII – French Hamradio Station

Glenn Hausers World of Radio


Ham Nation (Video-HD)

Ham Radio 2.0

International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)

ISS Live Tracking

ISS Tracker from your location. Useful for setting up to use the on board Repeater.

Makers eXperimenters and Operators

Radio Society of Great Britain

SMS Gate

Southgate News

SW Radiogram

The SWLing Post

UK Repeaters

VOA Radiogram

Ydun's Medium Wave Info