Talk: QO-100 SDR-Based Ground Station & The Bushey SDR - Steve M0XVT

Club Shack Sun 24 Mar 15:00 - 18:00

We are pleased to welcome RSH member Steve, M0XVT, on Sunday 24 March, for a two part event about his latest QO-100 station and the Bushey SDR.

Steve will describe how he got interested in QO-100 and his development of QO-100 ground stations, most recently a transportable, completely SDR-based station, which he will set up at the club and demonstrate.

Then Steve will describe how his Bushey SDR station was developed and demonstrate it. The demonstration will include how the Bushey SDR can be used as a remote synchronously-tuned receiver when using a transceiver.

The talk and demonstrations will conclude with a discussion about members' ideas for future development of the Bushey SDR and some ideas Steve has in mind.


Club Shack BBSAC Hut The Lincolnsfields Centre Bushey Hall Drive WD23 2ES


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