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by Linda Casey

Thanks to Philip G4GHZ for the following information.

On-Line Amateur Radio Events on Saturday 24 October - still available online

  1. United Nations Day Grimeton VLF Transmission and Concert 15:30 to 17:00 BST (Note that times shown on the websites are in CET)

"On the occasion of UN Day 24 October, an annual peace party consisting of telegram transmission is held with the old long-wave machinery SAQ.

Given the past year and the Covid-19 pandemic, the day is extra important to pay attention to as this year's message, the importance of cross - border cooperation, rhymes well with the UN's vision.

This year's telegram has therefore been formulated by none other than Anders Tegnell, State Epidemiologist at the Swedish Public Health Agency, and the content of the telegram will not be published until 17.00 [16:00 BST]. Finally, the concert Songs from The Vault with Anna Louise Ekman is held, which is current with a digital release of newly written songs in 2020.

Also on stage are pianist Oscar Johansson and Anna's sister Åsa Grimberg on vocals."

Source: Google translation of:

More details including of the HF special event station:

Live stream of 17.2kHz Mechanically Generated VLF transmission and then concert:

  1. BATC Convention 10:00 to 16:25

Latest programme updates:

Live stream:

  1. Raynet AGM - 14:00 onwards

Registration for Zoom meeting:

Conventions: YouTube Links (these may be in the past but you should still be able to see a recording)


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